Guide to Take Care of Kids Shoes During Winter

Guide to Take Care of Kids Shoes During Winter

Among all the seasons of the year, Winter is the trickiest one. The bone-chilling cold along with the eternal humidity in the air cause things to stay dampened all the time. The story is the same for practically everything, but nothing else is as difficult to keep dry as shoes.

Kids shoes, among everything else, are the most difficult to keep protected in winter. Kids are forever playing and moving around without worrying about their shoes or stuff. Keeping their shoes clean and secured for a long time is tricky but not impossible. 

There are available shoe care kit at Ndure for both black and brown shoes. You can simply grab this kit to keep your child’s shoes shiny and clean for a long time. In this write-up, we will discuss the most appropriate tricks to keep winter boots for kids secured for the whole season and beyond.

Tips to Take Care of Kids’ Winter Shoes

Kids play and nothing can stop them, not even cold. We once even encountered a child standing in front of a water pump in severe cold, getting wet and enjoying! This is how much kids can go beyond your imagination. So, never let your guard down in taking extra care of your baby shoes, along with your baby. Winter casual shoes will not be problematic to keep safe. But when it comes to boots and other warm shoes, the process becomes a bit tricky and difficult. 

Always Polish the School Shoes

If you have a school-going kid, keeping their school shoes neat is a must to keep them safe. Your kid’s school shoes are to be used daily and will not last for long if you do not care for them. It is a known fact, but here we will discuss tried ways to keep your child’s shoes secured.

The most important trick to keep your kid’s shoes footwear safe is to polish them daily with shoe polishers available in shoe stores. You will easily find liquid shoe polishers from our store so do not skip this purchase at any cost.

The boys' school shoes are a little trickier to keep clean. So, without further ado, grab black boys school shoes from Ndure which will not break easily. Your boy can run, jump, dance, play, kick or rub these shoes, nothing will ruin this marvelous piece.

Keep Dry the Winter Boots

It is a common practice that people buy kids’ boots to keep their feet warm. These boots are undoubtedly the best investment to combat the cold, but keeping them dry requires special care. These boots tend to become wet quickly owing to the humidity in the winter breeze. So, always keep a check on these boots, and whenever you find them damp, use a dryer to dry them quickly.

Keep Sports Shoes Clean

If you are a parent of a boy, then get a pair of lace-up athletic shoes or stylish ankle boots for their sports activities. These sport shoes are warm, stylish, and comfortable for making your kid’s experience pleasant. But, in that comfort, your kid will play with no break or rest and anywhere they will find space. The playing area will be dirty and wet, making these expensive boys shoes dirty instantly.

Keeping these shoes clean is a must to elongate their life. So, keep cleaning these boots daily with special cleaning products like the Kiwi shoe care kit. Such a shoe-cleaning kit will work magic for girls’ formal shoes as well. So, never compromise on cleaning your kids’ shoes as this will keep them perfect for a long while.

Waterproof your kid’s Sneaker Shoes

The best shoes in Pakistan for kids in winter are the sneakers for the best comfortability and warmth. Sneakers are a popular choice for playing basketball and cricket as they provide comfort, support, and grip. However, when kids play in wet regions, which they always do, then the shoes get wet and smelly.

You can combat this issue by waterproofing your kid’s shoes. Waterproofing these shoes will essentially help keep the dirt and water out, and will keep them clean and fresh for a long. Dampness shrinks the leather, dirt gets fixed on the cloth; destroying the look of these expensive shoes. There are several waterproofing sprays available on the market. Use a fluorine-free waterproof shoe spray to insulate the shoes before sending your kid out to play.

Block Nasty Smells from Developing in Loafer Shoes

Among all the kid’s shoes, sneakers and loafer shoes are most prone to develop an unpleasant odor. Worry not, for you can easily tackle this problem. Wash them? No, never try this stunt. You will just have to sprinkle a little bit of bicarbonate of soda inside the shoe to eliminate the foul smell. Keep it overnight. The next morning, remove the bicarbonate. You will be stunned to smell no bad odor after this simple remedy.


Last but most Important; Keep your Kids’ Shoes Clean

The most important trick to take care of your kid’s shoes is to keep them clean of dirt and mud. You must keep these shoes clean by wiping them with a damp cleaning cloth. 

The common belief to clean leather shoes is to put them in a washing machine, which is an expert to destroy shoes. So, avoid this practice at every cost. There are several shoe-cleaning products available in the market. You can get one such product from Ndure to keep your kid’s shoes clean. You can easily clean shoes casual with water, but you cannot do this with leather shoes.

You should use a soft bristle brush to clean loose dirt from girls shoes. Your girl will go through dirty puddles and wet streams before reaching school. You can clean shoes for girls relatively easier than shoes for boys. But this wholly depends on the nature of your child. However, the cleaning process is the same for all shoes:

  • Rub a soft bristle brush on the shoe to remove loose dirt
  • Make a cleaning material using the cleaning products
  • Put the cleaning material on the shoe
  • Remove the material after an hour to remove mud stains

All this is included in the shoe care kit available at our store, as mentioned above. We make these shoes with love and wish you to care about them. We provide you with all the appropriate products to care for these shoes.


The best shoes for kids are expensive to buy but easy to maintain. Grab premium quality shoes for kids from Pakistan top shoes brand Ndure, which is easiest to maintain for a long time. Just use the above-mentioned ways to keep the shoes clean to keep them productive for a long period.
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