Buying Shoes If Your Feet Are Different Sizes

Buying Shoes If Your Feet Are Different Sizes

The world is filled with different types of people, with different features. One such stunning feature is an individual with two different-sized feet. Almost every individual on this earth has different sizes of left and right foot. But, a few among such people have a greater difference in the sizes of their feet. 

If you are among such people, then it must be hard to find a pair of comfortable shoes for your feet. The issue is more prevalent among boys, finding the right shoes for boys can be tricky. But, you can look for more ways to cater to this problem. The best shoes for girls and boys are easy to find here at Ndure. You just need to make sure that your favorite footwear is comfortable for both your feet and enjoy your time with friends and family with no discomfort.

Let's discuss how you can access the best footwear online at the top shoes brands in Pakistan for shoes casual, boots, and more, according to your size and style preference.

School shoes

Guide to Buy Shoes if You have Different Feet Sizes

Unfortunately, not all of Pakistan top shoes brands carry shoes for feet of alternate sizes. Numerous brands sell shoes that can be customized, but the price hikes for such custom orders. But that doesn't mean you should give up and stop trying to find a solution. Let's figure out other ways to find the right size for each of your feet.

Men Winter Collection

The best choice for men with different feet sizes is sneakers for men. A sneaker shoe is best to stay comfortable and cozy during the cold, as well as warm seasons. The sneakers and boots for men are the best-selling articles in men winter collections. When it comes to the lot with different feet sizes, getting the larger size is the best idea.

You are recommended to opt for the size of your larger foot. You can then have the other shoe size optimized according to the smaller size. You can contact a Pedorthist to help you modify the other size. The usual approach is to put a cotton pad to fit the other size. The pad is glued to the tongue of the shoe and this will keep your foot intact in place. The other usual suggestion is putting a heel cushion to fit the short foot.

Women Shoes & Sandals

When it comes to women, the styles and types of women shoes are numerous. For each type, be it heels, sandals, pumps, or sneakers, buying shoes for women in different sizes will require some extra chores. Just as mentioned above for men's shoes, the same is also true for female chappals shoes and other footwear articles. 

Order online the size of your bigger foot and then personalize it to fit both feet. You can wear multiple socks on the shorter foot to fit the bigger size. You can also stuff your shoe with cotton balls, arch pads, and extra insoles. This might annoy you a little but you will get used to it in a while. You see, you cannot ignore the fact that your shoe size must fit your foot without any empty spaces. If left empty, you will face serious issues with time. So, keep adding extra stuff to keep your shoe fit and inclined.

Furthermore, you can also add heel liners to cover the free space. Insoles and heel liners are easy to find in the market. Start with adding an insole to the shoe and then paste an insole to fill up the empty region. The soft insole will never cause any irritation and you might even find it more comforting. Keep these useful tips in mind and prepare your best shoes according to the size of each of your feet.

School Shoes, the Trickiest to Find

If you are a parent of a kid having such a unique trait of a large difference in his feet, then buying the right school shoes will be a true hassle. Not scaring you or anything, but it might get hard which we will discuss to find a good remedy to tackle this issue. No big deal, just a little more research. 

The school shoes are worn for the maximum part of the day. The same boys shoes are used as sports shoes as well since school is a large play area during the mighty break hour. The comfort of your little lad is extremely significant for a good day. 

Always get the boys school shoes according to the size of the larger foot. We are focusing more on boys because they run and play a lot. So, once you get the running shoes according to the size of the larger foot, modify the other foot according to the smaller foot size by gluing a tongue pad on the tongue of the shoe. A tongue pad gets fixed on the top of your shoe and will give a tighter fit to the shoe. This will keep your kids shoes intact and comfortably fit for the whole day.

Kids shoes

Kids’ Shoes & Boots

Then it comes to baby shoes, toddlers, and infants. The moment you realize that your kid is having two different sizes of his feet, then learn useful tricks to personalize your kids boots. The best shoes in Pakistan are easy to find at Ndure. You can order online for Kids shoes sling with some add-ons to manage the size of each boot.

You can easily order extra insoles and in lines to customize the size of one boot for the smaller foot. We have wholly discussed the best means to optimize the size according to the foot it is meant for.


This tutorial will be of great assistance to you the next time you come across a pair of shoes that needs to be optimized according to the size of each foot. These tricks will help greatly if you are attempting to figure out how to make big shoes fit. Any of the suggested techniques would be helpful if you attempt to squeeze into large shoes. 

These include utilizing shoe inserts, stuffing shoe inserts, and filling empty spaces. But in the end, the decision is yours. However, you cannot squeeze into smaller sizes. Therefore, always get a larger size and then customize it according to your size. Be smart, and keep your feet happy and comfy always.

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